patent prosecutionThe JSBarkatsPLLC Patent Prosecution Practice Group has an uncompromising commitment to securing and maintaining enforceable patents for high-technology clients. Leveraging their diverse technical backgrounds and extensive practical experiences in business and patent law, the members of our patent team are uniquely qualified to represent individual inventors, sole proprietorships, educational institutions, medical institutions, and other entities of all sizes, from innovative startups to well-established multinationals, across a multitude of industries within the United States and beyond.

Our team includes scientists, engineers, former patent examiners, and experienced business and manufacturing professionals. Therefore, we are prepared to work closely with clients to gain a full understanding of their business objectives (both short and long-term), and thereby develop powerful strategies based on practical approaches to technology protection that ensures strong market positions.

The technical expertise within our team spans a broad spectrum of technologies and industries, including bioinformatics; biomedical devices; communications (e.g., cable, CMTS, GPS, RF, spread spectrum, spectral analysis); computer graphics & image processing; computer hardware; e-commerce; financial management; home automation; insurance products; Internet and networking (e.g., communications protocols, optics, OSI seven layer model, peer-to-peer, wireless); microprocessors (e.g., memory architecture); semiconductor manufacturing; software and information technology (e.g., authentication, cryptography, databases, data mining, digital rights management, psychographic profiling, opinion researching, security, web applications, web site optimization); and video production and automation. Considering the substantial depth and breadth of their backgrounds and experiences, our team members are qualified to work with clients seeking patent protection in virtually any field in locations around the world.

Our registered patent attorneys offer comprehensive legal counseling in all aspects of patent prosecution within the United States and abroad. Our patent services include:

  • Application preparation, filing, and prosecution;
  • U.S., foreign, and international protection (including practice under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the patent offices of Australia, EPO, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, etc.);
  • Administrative appeals and petitions;
  • Continuation;
  • Opposition proceedings;
  • Inventorship;
  • Patent ownership/assignment;
  • Patent publication;
  • Patent term adjustment;
  • Reissues and reexaminations;
  • Restriction practice.

Effective patent portfolio management (e.g., mining, prioritizing, monetization, etc.) is central to our patent practice and mitigates the risks of our clients’ losing control over core technologies. At JSBarkatsPLLC, our patent team works closely with our clients to identify, audit, and assess the essential technologies and ideas for both our clients and their competitors. Carefully assessing the strategic position of our client’s technologies and inventions, we help our clients to build patent portfolios that are profitably leveraged, and select the best prosecution strategy in furtherance of their business goals.

The statutes and regulations governing patent prosecution and enforcement are often complex and are frequently changing. Therefore, it is of paramount importance not only to remain proficient in the applicable laws governing the procurement of new patents, but also to be aware of the challenges involved in the enforcement of patented technology. As such, our team aspires to draft and prosecute patent applications that can survive the most rigorous examinations before the appropriate patent office(s).

We are also committed to assisting our clients to secure strong patent protection outside of the United States. JSBarkatsPLLC has an established, professional network of highly skilled associates located in countries around the world. Working with our foreign associates, we help our clients to identify the appropriate international market(s) and forge strong international protection in the appropriate market(s).

Our Patent Prosecution Practice Group also works in tandem with our Litigation Group to secure patents in anticipation of future disputes, such as interference actions, oppositions, infringement suits, etc. Moreover, our team has expertise in searching relevant arts and counseling clients on intellectual property due diligence for various business transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, and private offerings of equity, debt securities, or bridge loans. Our team has extensive experience in preparing legal opinions or risk assessments (e.g., patentability, validity, infringement, and freedom-to-operate opinions). Additionally, JSBarkatsPLLC represents and counsel clients with respect to complex patent transactions (involving, e.g., technology licensing, joint development, product development, non-disclosure agreements, patent clearances, design-around strategies, etc. ) that may require technology valuation and the negotiation of a reasonable royalty.

We invite you to learn more about our team and how we can help protect your company’s valuable intellectual property assets.

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