iStock_000010215093XSmallJSBarkats corporate group is known as a “Problem Solver” group, we proud ourselves for being an unconventional law firm, beside honing our skills each attorneys at JSBarkats are carefully scrutinized for their prior business experience and their academic achievements thus, we bring real time, true added value to the business community through creative thinking and experience.

We are a full-service firm that helps private and public companies, start-ups as well as established companies, and individuals with all legal aspects of their business.
Through our various expertise and multiple department we help our clients get to the next level and open a new dimension for their growth.

We routinely handle business asset sales and acquisitions, along with commercial financing and match proper capital introductions.

JSBarkats’ attorneys are unconventional thinkers able to adapt to new market realities and share our expertise with our clients.

We proud ourselves for thinking out of the box within the legal realm.

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