iStock_000002915150XSmallThe Firm has extensive experience and handles multi-district litigation as well as contract disputes; corporate and partnership disputes; non-compete agreements and theft of trade secret litigations; ERISA disputes; FINRA and NYSE arbitration and business torts; property damage; misappropriation of shares; real estate; guarantees; secured transactions; international transportation and Civil RICO. Our attorneys litigate many different types of actions, including:

  • Contract disputes;
  • Corporate and partnership disputes;
  • Non-compete agreement disputes;
  • Theft of trade secret litigations;
  • ERISA disputes;
  • FINRA and NYSE arbitrations;
  • Property damage claims;
  • Suits for misappropriation of shares;
  • Real estate actions;
  • Guaranty litigation;
  • Secured transactions litigation;
  • International transportation litigation; and
  • Civil RICO suits.

Attorneys within this group have expertise in securities and shareholder disputes, including the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, and related regulations covering public and private corporations.

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