iStock_000006972525XSmallThe Bankruptcy Practice group offers experienced legal representation of debtors, debtors-in-possession, trustees, secured and unsecured creditors and defendants in the areas of Bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 Reorganization) as well as out of court arrangements or New York State assignment proceedings.

JSBarkatsPLLC represents individual and middle market public and private companies including landlords, tenants, claims traders, accountants, investment bankers, and engineers. As a New York City full service law firm with a Bankruptcy group, we are able to work on complex bankruptcy litigation cases in New York, Brooklyn, Westchester and Dutchess Counties. Our Bankruptcy Practice Group offers experienced legal counseling in the areas of Bankruptcy including:

  • Business reorganization
  • Financial restructuring
  • Strategies for dealing with financially-troubled entities
  • Buying and selling troubled entities in Chapter 11 and outside of bankruptcy
  • Out-of-court debt composition and settlements
  • Complex individual debt restructuring
  • Advising clients on preference, fraudulent conveyances, lender liability, equitable subordination, and the assumption or rejection of leases and executory contracts
  • Offers in compromise agreements with the IRS; and
  • Debt Negotiations with Creditors.

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