How to Use Finders in the Securities Industry – Book


Need new business investors but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve raised some money for your business, but you’re still short of where you need to be?

The Use of Finders in the Securities Industry – new book, now available on at

Many businesses hire experts called “finders” that know all the secrets to getting new investors. Best of all, these finders work on commission, so you don’t pay unless they’re successful in getting you the money you need.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, it is, BUT …

Unfortunately, SEC rules can be confusing, and many companies unwittingly run afoul of the law when trying to raise new investments. The SEC prohibits most people from working on commission to raise new investments (Hint: using your own employees, or even consultants, might be illegal).

That’s why the team at JSBarkats has published this new book, “The Use of Finders in the Securities Industry”. In this book, we explain how to easily select a broker-dealer finder in simple language. We make the process easy, and we make the laws easy to understand.

Buy this book today, and soon, you’ll be able to pick an expert finder to raise investments and grow your business, without all the legal trouble.

You can even use the book as a reference if you’ve already had a round of investments, and want to make the next (bigger) round even more successful.

Buy the book:

The Use of Finders in the Securities Industry

JSBarkats Book: The Use of Finders in the Securities Industry

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